Due to civil unrest in the country, deliveries to Bolivia are currently on hold.

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Please refer to our Pricing page to see updated shipping costs.

Q: Do you offer insurance?

A: Insurance is optional every $50 is $5 and we would need a details list of all material enclosed in a bag.

Q: How do I package the items?

A: Please make sure everything is enclosed in Ziploc bags (Any Size). The bag must have Mission name and the Missionary name to who it is designated for.

**If the name varies, please specify in the check enclosed **

We must be notified when you will be sending cash, ATM cards or electronics. This is NOT for Customs, this is to be a little more informed as to what we are bringing with us.

Q: Can I weigh the package myself?

A: You may weigh it at home and enclose a check in the package that you mail or hand to us. The check must include delivery fee and weight. You can also send your package, we can weigh it send you a total cost which is paid though VENMO (@LDSXpress) only.

Q: Who do I make the payment to?

A: Checks must be payable to LDSXPRESS LLC with amount, date, and signature. All packages MUST be paid for before the deadline date or the packages will NOT be delivered. If you have Venmo, you can make a direct payment to @LDSXpress.

Q: When will the package arrive?

A: Packages will arrive at the Mission Offices within a minimum of 2 weeks. Please understand that we may run into inconveniences due to weather, flights delayed or last minute emergencies.

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