Merry Christmas from LDSXpress! Ready to secure your spot? Just like every year, we will be traveling mid-November to make sure the packages arrive early enough to the mission offices!
We are cutting off reservations after the FIRST 150 reservations we receive! We want to prioritize, so, as trips get added we will open up reservations again. Yet, our priority will be fitting everyone we can in the earliest trip!
Please make sure that as soon as you receive your code, ship to us ASAP so there are no delays!  * If you are meeting us at the pick ups, we will be posting that schedule as we approach the month.
The deposits made through Venmo MUST MUST MUST have your missionary's name and #Christmas. This helps us avoid mixing with any other trips.
Please remember that the Christmas deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Only secure your spot if you are 100% sure you are sending a package! These deposits are used to purchase the tickets and helps us get your packages there faster and safer.
We will be posting more information on our Facebook groups so please make sure you join! Thank you!