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Package Pick-up Dates
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I package the items?

A: Please make sure everything is enclosed in clear Ziploc bags (Any Size, must be Ziploc brand as other brands have been prone to breaking). Bag must be labeled with missionary name, mission name, mission address. All items within bag must be labeled with missionary name. If you are sending 2 or more bags, please place them inside of one big bag, if you don’t have a big bag, we sell them.

FOR THOSE SENDING TO MEXICO: All items must be packaged in a cardboard box, no need to label all of the items inside of the box.

Q: Do items need to be boxed?

A: Only box items when shipping to LDSxpress offices not to mission office.

Q: Can my missionary send a package to us?

A: If your missionary has a package to send back, they may give the package to the mission office and the items must be labeled as follows:
LDSXPRESS/ *Your name and Contact Information and a List of detailed contents.

Q: Is my package opened or inspected?

A: We don’t personally inspect or open any package. The way package is given to us is the same way it is sent.

Q: Can I send liquid items?

A: Yes. Please make sure fragile or liquid items are packaged appropriately.

Q: Does my missionary need to pay for sending packages to us?

A: Package fee will be paid upon arrival to U.S.

Q: Do I have to fill out any information?

Please download this form and add it to your package.

Q: Where do I sent my package to:

LDSxpress-Liliana Baldwin

34542 N. Murray Grey Dr.

San Tan Valley 85143

Q: What items may I not send my missionary?

A: We are unable to deliver seeds, plants of any kind, and animals.

*Special Notes:

Please label or combine small items like candy all together into 1 package. Also no previously live creatures allowed to ship to us. No seeds of any kind are allowed to be shipped back to us. Special note we sometimes travel directly to Utah to pickup your package.

Q: Where does my package arrive at?

A: Mission office

Q: How long does it take for package delivery to mission office within the capital of each country?

A: 2-3 days upon arrival at the country.

Q: How long does it take for package delivery to mission outside of the country’s capital?

A: 3-7 days to arrive at the mission office.

Q: When can I contact you about my package arrival?

A: Please allow a 2 week minimum transit time period.

Q: Are there weather delays?

A: Inclement weather is impossible to for see. Recent inclement weather can cause delays but is not common.

Q: What makes your delivery process different from UPS, Fedex or USPS, or DHL?

A: Your package will arrive in days versus months and will not be stuck in customs. You or the mission office will not have to pay for customs. We deliver all packages to the mission office 100% guaranteed.

Q: What about customs issues or forms?

A: We will have your package through customs with no problems and forms are not needed.

Q: Is a deposit to reserve a spot on upcoming trips required?

A: No deposit is needed but due dates are strictly enforced.

Q: When do packages have to be delivered at LDSxpress offices?

A: 3 days before departure date.

*Special Note: Our service is complete when package is delivered to mission office. We are not responsible for any loss of items after delivery to mission office. We are not responsible and can’t control time of delivery to missionary from missionary office.

Q: Do you offer insurance?

A: Insurance is optional.

Q: What is the price of insurance?

A: Insurance costs 10% of amount insured. For example $100 insurance costs $10.

Q: What happens if I don’t buy insurance?

A: We can only refund up to $50 of total package.

Q: How are your items valued for insurance?

A:You decide value of your package and calculate how much you want to insure.

Q: What happens if my missionary doesn’t receive full items?

A: Item cost will be refunded up to $50.

Q: How do I pay for my package?

A: You can send you payment cash or check in your package, please round your package weight up to the next pound if you send it by mail.

Q: Can I pay through Venmo?

A: You can also send your package to our offices we will weight your package and send the total. Which can be paid through Venmo (@LDSXpress).

Q: Who do I make payment out to?

A: Please make checks out to ldsxpress-Liliana Baldwin.

Q: Can I weigh the package myself?

A: You may weigh it at home and enclose a check in the package that you mail or hand to us. The check must include delivery fee and weight. You can also send your package, we can weigh it, send you a total cost which is paid though VENMO (@LDSXpress) only.

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dental floss

We must be notified when you will be sending cash, ATM cards or electronics.